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Gold Ration own production facility, located in California, USA, meets modern quality standards for safety and quality management standards in accordance with ISO 22000, has passed NSF (American National Public Health and Safety Agency) certification and received GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which allows us to remain a leader in the safety and quality of nutraceutical products.
At each stage of the production process, Gold Ration products undergo strict quality control under 100% supervision of the company’s quality specialists and with regular monitoring by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to ensure the effectiveness of control of all quality parameters of manufactured products.
Gold Ration has the ability to track and test raw materials from harvest to delivery to temperature and humidity controlled storage.
After the own laboratory confirms the purity and freshness of each ingredient, they enter the production.
The Gold Ration innovative approach is aimed at studying and regularly monitoring the latest scientific achievements in the field of nutrition, medicine and pharmacology. The focus on innovation allows the company not only to maintain the optimal line of essential products for maintaining health and longevity, but also allows us to annually release new unique products with complex formulas that have proven their effectiveness.
Through our innovative openness, we are exploring new systems for delivering beneficial nutrients to the body, increasing the effectiveness of supplements, and regularly examining how individual nutrients interact with each other to find effective combinations.
That is why Gold Ration brand products are gaining more and more trust from consumers around the world every year.

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