All the benefits of chlorophyll for humans

All the benefits of chlorophyll for humans

Chlorophyll is known to most of us from the school biology program – it is the pigment in plants that gives them their green color. The healing properties of green plants are largely due to the content of a large amount of chlorophyll in them.

“Green benefit”

This pigment is essential for photosynthesis, which allows plants to synthesize carbon from carbon dioxide absorbed while releasing oxygen. An amazing feature of chlorophyll is that its structure is very similar to the heme of human hemoglobin, which is involved in the transport of oxygen.

In the Western literature, a study was conducted on the effect of chlorophyll on the level of hemoglobin in the blood, since it is chemically similar to heme. It was confirmed that with a lack of proteins necessary for the synthesis of heme in the human body, chlorophyll contributes to an increase in hemoglobin levels.

Although most variants of anemia (low hemoglobin) are associated with low iron levels, and not with protein levels, after gastrectomy operations, atrophic diseases of the stomach, leading to protein starvation, chlorophyll is extremely useful.

In 1931, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine, Dr. Otto Warburg, established that oxygen deprivation is the main cause of cell mutation. Increasing the intake of foods rich in chlorophyll or taking chlorophyll in the form of supplements certainly increases the uptake of oxygen by the cells of our body.

The safety of chlorophyll for use in the food industry in unlimited quantities has been confirmed many times since 1969. In 2015, EFSA confirmed that chlorophyll does not pose any danger to humans.

What is benefit of chlorophyll for humans

First of all, chlorophyll strengthens the human immune system. It cleanses the intestines, disinfects the blood, fights fungus, destroys harmful bacteria in the body, reduces anxiety, relieves stress.

In the body, chlorophyll contributes to the production of red blood cells, which are necessary for detoxification and strengthening of the body. The oxygen that these cells carry removes harmful substances, toxins, eliminates “blockages” and harmful accumulations. The more oxygenated the blood, the lower the risk of infections and diseases (including cancer).

Chlorophyll is a natural anti-cancer agent, it blocks the action of carcinogens in the body. A study was conducted and the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties of chlorophyll were confirmed. In laboratory conditions, inhibition of the synthesis of tumor necrosis factor was confirmed in mice, thus, the possibility of protection against cancer by taking chlorophyll is being investigated.

Chlorophyll removes toxins from the body and also acts as a mild diuretic.

Another useful property of chlorophyll is that it has a deodorizing property, in particular, it removes bad breath.

It is a proven fact that chlorophyll successfully inhibits the growth of candida fungi that cause thrush.

Also proven that chlorophyll speeds up the liver in terms of accelerating the metabolism of trimethylamine, which is observed in people with a mutation of the enzyme involved in its metabolism. A clear sign of this problem is the smell of fish from a person.

One of the most important properties of chlorophyll is the breakdown of fats and weight loss.
Taking chlorophyll also reduces appetite, thereby helping to fight obesity or prevent its development. Recommended for people with high cholesterol.

Chlorophyll has an irreplaceable effect on the intestines – it cleanses and maintains a healthy microflora, improves metabolism and generally normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).

Beauty trend

Chlorophyll today has also become a sustainable trend for maintaining female beauty. The green pigment chlorophyll is now taken by many celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon.

Gold Ration Chlorophyll supplement is beneficial for women, improves skin quality and reduces inflammation. The beneficial effect is due to calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin A contained in chlorophyll.

For any skin inflammation – acne, blackheads, acne – chlorophyll is recommended. In addition, chlorophyll is a natural compound and is recognized as non-toxic to humans and safe to consume.

Chlorophyll as a dietary supplement

Over the past few years, green food has become mega-popular among healthy eaters. The benefits of eating green foods such as green leafy vegetables and algae as part of a diet are well known to all healthy lifestyle advocates.

Green food is a source of vitamins, minerals along with live enzymes that aid digestion and are a rich source of chlorophyll. However, the problem is that only a tiny fraction of chlorophyll enters our body when we eat green vegetables.

Using vegetables to provide the body with a source of chlorophyll presents a challenge. The poor condition of the digestive system often requires the heat treatment of vegetables, even for a few moments, which leads to a decrease in the value of chlorophyll for the body.

Therefore, chlorophyll supplements such as Gold Ration Chlorophyll are essential for a person to get the full benefits of this substance. Today, chlorophyll dietary supplements are a popular herbal remedy for internal use. And in recent decades, the need for chlorophyll in humans has increased due to the deterioration of the environmental situation.

Benefits of Gold Ration Chlorophyll

Gold Ration Chlorophyll from the global manufacturer of supplements for health and longevity has anti-inflammatory properties, enhances the immune function of the body, accelerating phagocytosis. It prevents the growth of bacteria in wounds, anaerobic bacteria and fungi in the intestines.

Gold Ration Chlorophyll promotes blood purification, regulates blood pressure, strengthens cell membranes, promotes the formation of connective tissues, which helps in the healing of erosions, ulcers, open wounds. Chlorophyll activates the action of enzymes involved in the synthesis of vitamins E, A and K.

Gold Ration Chlorophyll may be recommended to accelerate the achievement of the effect of therapy. Convenient intake – 1 capsule per day. The natural source of chlorophyll in Gold Ration is alfalfa sprouts. Safe auxiliary components (the product does not contain titanium dioxide).

As a pioneer in the nutraceutical industry, Gold Ration has focused on creating innovative vitamins and nutritional supplements for over 25 years to support consumers’ quest for optimal health and active longevity. Our products are cGMP and NSF certified, and the affordable price of our supplements has made the brand’s products popular with consumers in more than 30 countries around the world.

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